Friday, November 26, 2004

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I purchased the John Ogdon CDs and listened to them all about a year ago. I am 70, have played to piano all my life to a medium to good amateur status, rarely performing before a crowd, and "knowing about 20 pieces, mostly Chopin. I have a lot of sheet music, mainly for following the professionals, esp Horowitz. My musical education is mostly self-taught. although I did win a piano scholarship in college with the late great Leon Tumarkin.

Honestly, Sorabji is one of the greatest BS artists of musical history and seems to have led numerous pseudointellectuals on a self-indulgent review and evaluation game. The Opus is long-winded and frankly a crashing bore, an endless stream of bloated random UNmusical notes slashed about with dissonance, an unpleasant porridge of dank and painful episodes, no real melodies, unlistenable and uninviting for a repeat hearing.

I can only guess that he was a clever, possibly savant, charlatan and a game player who enjoyed deceiving the hordes of pretentious critics and hangers-on who indulged shamelessly in hyperinflated reviews of his hyperinflated "work."

The amazing thing about it is, he was able to write down all those notes. That where his real talent lay.

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